Impression Productions will provide valuable insights that you can implement immediately.

Your organization may need evaluation of a very specific problem area or a dynamic new strategic planning process to help deliver the results essential to your success.

Impression Productions will evaluate your individual concerns and offer solutions customized to achieve your objectives. We will provide all the tools needed for you, your staff or volunteers to be the most effective.

Impression Productions will take a look at your event from a perspective revealing new insights that you may have been too close to see. We can evaluate the operational components of your event, study the layout, contracts, sponsorships, marketing plans, and sales strategies. Our goal is to show you how to uncover untapped sources of revenue and improve your ability to achieve the objectives of your mission.

Customized Workshops and Seminars

Whether you need a qualified trainer for an intensive workshop presented for a small department or a seminar for an education session for a large convention Impression Productions can deliver. We can address topics such as:

  • Air Shows: What makes them fly?
  • Administrator -vs- Board "Fight Canceled"
  • Board Member Development
  • Building Community Partnerships
  • Building a Balanced Event
  • Building Your Net Worth: Assets you can't afford to sit on
  • Carnivals: How they can help and hurt
  • Concessions Management
  • Emergency Planning: Expect the best and prepare for the worst
  • Entertainment: How to keep
    your stars twinkling
  • Event Ideas for Fun and Gains
  • Event Marketing
  • Event Planning: Making a list and
    checking it twice
  • Fireworks Shows: Inside and Out
  • Fund Raising Strategies that Produce
  • Marketing and Promotion Tips
  • Mastering the art of selling sponsorships
  • Measuring and selling the economic benefits of your event
  • Parking, Traffic & Security
  • Persuasion Powers! Discover your
    hidden talent
  • Sponsorship: Everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask
  • Volunteer Hunting: How to Track Them, Catch Them, Keep Them and Treat Them

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