Program Development
Great events need a solid foundation to begin building from. We recommend initially identifying the who's, why's, where's and when's, to begin positioning an event for unlimited success. Impression Productions will address these issues and begin to answer all your questions by building the program from the ground up.
  • Develop the event theme, layout, format and content
  • Create an event logo, signage, graphics, collateral materials, and imprinted giveaways
  • Establish measurable and achievable goals
  • Search for and select a site, negotiate agreements
  • Identify your target audience
  • Assist with the entertainment and speaker selection process
  • Select appropriate dates and locations
  • Establish an event planning and action timetable including pertinent deadlines
  • Arrange and oversee planning or committee meetings
  • Arrange for technical services including audio/visual, projection, computer, PowerPoint, staging, lighting and sound equipment
  • Implement and supervise safety, security, and communication procedures
  • Coordinate buses, limousines, air transportation and valet parking services
  • Address menu selection, scheduling, and hospitality considerations

Fiscal Management
Impression Productions knows that you need us to stay in tune with the budget. Many outsource consultants typically place minimal emphasis on this most important of aspects. Impression Productions has a different approach! We understand the importance of your financial requirements and expectations and will always strive to make this OUR priority as well.
  • Prepare a preliminary operating budget
  • Provide monthly revenue / expense reports
  • Gain pre-approval for expenses which are not initially budgeted
  • Screen all invoices and forward to client for final approval
  • Prepare and distribute an end-of-project report evaluating results as compared to budget with recommendations for future considerations

Site Selection & Negotiation

We leave no stone unturned in finding the best location for your event and making the most out of what you have to work with! Impression Productions' staff will visit each potential site to select the one that not only meets your requirements but also enhances your program. We are experts in the art of dealing, we will help you get the most out of your activities and events!

  • Negotiating the best possible contracts for maximum value on hotel accommodations, meeting rooms, amenities, exhibit space, extra services and all terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Food and beverage menu selection, scheduling, hospitality, dietary considerations. With every special event, catering is always primary concern. Our experience in this area provides you with a wide selection of caterers to accommodate all of your individual tastes. Catering services may include: Breakout Options, Coffee Services, Troubadours, Formal Dinners, Box Lunches, Hors d'oeuvres
  • On-site management - Communication, vendor management, facility liaison, crew schedules, labor unions, fee distribution, food and beverage services
  • Security - Implementation and supervision, communications, visible and discreet, emergency contingencies
  • Transportation, traffic flow and parking considerations
  • Audio-visual and technical support
  • Outside leisure activities, trips and tours
  • Evaluation of staging, layout, suppliers and all other logistical requirements

Host Site Planning & Administration
Impression Productions will be fully responsible for each and every host site detail, from the moment the site contract is signed until the last attendees arrive back at their homes.
  • Serve as liaison with hotel staff through planning, execution and post-event phase
  • Design meeting and function room set-ups
  • Determine audio-visual needs and order equipment
  • Coordinate food and beverage functions including menu selection
  • Finalize banquet event order with hotel staff
  • Conduct pre-event briefing with hotel staff
  • Serve as on-site coordinator with host sites, attendees and speakers
  • Help staff the registration desk
  • Expedite check-in and check-out procedures
  • Check set-up of meeting and function rooms
  • Supervise press room and message center
  • Handle all special requests
  • Design and produce signage
  • Select and purchase souvenirs, gifts and awards
  • Arrange VIP greeting and amenities
  • Confirm food and social function guarantees
  • Hire photographer and florist
  • Distribute meeting materials and handouts
  • Distribute gratuities

Marketing & Promotion
Drawing a crowd, selling out a conference, or filling the house is not always an easy proposition. By retaining Impression Productions, your event will be packaged, priced, positioned and promoted for the best chance of success. A marketing plan is created with your input. Then is executed in detail and a timely and succinct manner.
Bulk Mail
  • Identify potential groups of event attendees
  • Secure mailing lists
  • Write, edit and design marketing brochures
  • Manage printing process and mail drops


  • Research potential advertising buys, negotiate rates and confirm
  • Design artwork and provide to the media source in a timely fashion
  • Seek and secure public service announcements opportunities

Public Relations

  • Write and distribute press releases
  • Create media information kits
  • Phone follow-up with designated media sources
  • Prepare invitation list, mail and manage RSVP's for national, regional, and local media to attend the event

Internet Marketing

  • Create an Internet presence to promote your event
  • Secure and process registrations via web applications

Travel Administration
A major consideration for your event's attendees is the high cost of travel, the inconvenience and uncertainty of ground transportation, traffic and parking. In fact, in many instances, prospective participants choose not to attend as a result of these concerns. By making use of Impression Productions relationships with airlines, ground transportation and car rental partners, we are able to offer your participants the greatest convenience and savings possible.
  • Negotiate airline and car rental discounts
  • Arrange ground transportation for attendees
  • Organize recreational/sightseeing activities
  • Plan spouse program
  • Obtain local informational brochures, restaurant guides and maps
  • Provide a parking plan

Vendor Management
Vendor and Trade Show Services

Impression Productions professional team will oversee the marketing, recruitment, sales, and operation of your festival or trade show vendors. Whether your event includes 500 full-scale exhibitors or is limited to a few tabletop displays, we are your answer for vendor services!

We specialize in coordinating vendor and exhibitor: registration, layout, floor plans, booth placements, technical requirements, equipment setup, decorations, traffic flow patterns, and security.
  • Create vendor information packets, including applications, contracts and instructions
  • Serve as the primary liaison, for questions by potential vendors and registered applicants
  • Process and confirm all completed applications received via mail, phone, fax or e-mail
  • Manage list of vendor applications sent and received, provide a report to client
  • Mail personalized confirmation or rejection letter to vendors
  • Prepare badges, booth identification and arrival instructions
  • Develop, tender, process and summarize evaluation and report of sale forms
  • Design the layout and assign booth spaces
  • Act as an ongoing liaison with vendors
  • Supervise setup and tear-down of booths

Entertainment, Speaker,
& VIP Coordination
All events have individuals who require handholding. Needless to say, Impression Productions has some of the softest hands in the event management business. Whether it is your keynote speaker, special invited guest or headline entertainment, we pledge that your VIPs leave the event having enjoyed a first-class and unparalleled experience.
Impression Productions is the only resource you need to book a top name national act or great local band. One call does it all. We will work with the venue to ensure your entertainment comes off on time and without a hitch.
  • Assist in selecting highly-respected speakers and entertainers
  • Negotiate the terms and develop a contract for the performers compensation package/expense reimbursement with the final approval by the client
  • Coordinate all the technical requirements
  • Deal with the local unions, electrical concerns, copyright laws and permits
  • Manage VIP travel, hotel arrangements and all logistical preparations including audio-visual requirements
  • Serve as on-site liaison for all VIPs

Convention Services
Impression Productions professional team will oversee the marketing, sales and operation of your trade show. Whether your event includes 500 full-scale exhibitors or is limited to 30 tabletop displays, we are your convention services answer!
Impression Productions specializes in coordinating exhibitor registrations, floor plans, booth placements and requirements, equipment setup, decorations, traffic flow patterns, and security.
  • Create exhibitor information packet including contracts
  • Design exhibits floor plan and assign booth space
  • Contact and secure event exhibitors
  • Act as ongoing liaison with exhibitors
  • Supervise set-up and tear down of exhibits

Sponsorship Sales
Impression Productions identifies, develops, and manages opportunities to generate supplemental event income through the addition of corporate sponsor involvement. We not only package the sponsorship programs, we also "hit the road" to become fully engrossed in the sales process. Once the prospect is converted to a contracted event partner, Impression Productions fully oversees the relationship and makes certain that every benefit is fully executed to the sponsor's desire.
  • Identify potential targets for corporate sponsor involvement
  • Prepare detailed summary of sponsorship benefits available
  • Create sponsorship solicitation package
  • Contact, follow-up and secure corporate partners
  • Execute sponsorship benefits for each partner
  • Provide end-of-project report to each partner outlining results and sponsorship reach

Post-Event Recommendations
Each event should serve as a learning experience for the next. Not only does Impression Productions strive to offer you the best function possible, we ensure that your next one will be even better than the last.
  • Create, hand out, calculate and summarize your post-event participant evaluation
  • Distribute end-of-project financial reports evaluating results as compared to budget
  • Prepare an overall summary of the event with recommendations for future considerations


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